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Refund Policy

1. Under what circumstances and when can I get the refund?

 You can get the refund under the following circumstances:

 a. Order is cancelled upon request.

To cancel the order, please call , or else you may write to

The amount of refund related to an order cancellation is given below in the following table.


When credit card has not been charged and flowers/gifts have not been ordered from
our supplier.


When credit card has been charged and flowers have not been ordered from
our supplier.


After flowers/gifts have been ordered from our supplier.


After the flower/gift leaves our shop/office.

b. Recipient not satisfied with the cakes/flowers/gifts delivered.

If the recipient is not satisfied with the flowers/gifts delivered due to un-fresh flowers or dissatisfied due to quality, the customer who ordered the Flowers/Gifts will be given 100% refund, subject to the other points of our terms & condition and provided that

 » The recipient declines to accept the Cakes/Flowers/Gifts and returns the same immediately at the address stated on the Delivery Order in intact condition.


» Customer informs us through mail stating the reason for dissatisfaction. Please mention the Transaction ID, the sender and the recipient's name in the Email Form. This feedback will be needed for developing our customer service.

c. Unavailability of cake/flower/gift types or colors

The website reserves the right to replace the products with another product of the same or higher value, if the ordered flower/gift types or colors are not available (e.g. due to shortage in supply) at that particular moment. No refund request will be accepted for this reason.


d. Destination of delivery is beyond our coverage

In case any area is out of Chennai or in case any area is not reachable in Chennai for any reason-it is beyond our control.

 2. How do you execute the process of refund?

Refund will be executed within three days, if any one of the abovementioned criteria is met. Just the once the refund has been effectively processed, you will get a refund notice through email. For safety purpose you should keep this refund notice for checking against your monthly credit card bill.

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